Ori Lab Curl Ritual Trio


Look no further than ORI Lab Holiday Curl Trio. This is the perfect trio for all your curl needs! Our silicone-free cleansing and conditioning, will make sure your curls look their best while also enhancing its elasticity and bounce. We understand how important it is to keep your locks hydrated but also protected from temperature extremes - which our products provide.


By using our natural ingredients, we guarantee that your curls are getting what they need and nothing artificial in between! As an added plus, this product has been aligned with global curl care methods and principles. So you can trust that when using ORI Lab’s Holiday Curl Trio products, you are taking proper care of those gorgeous curls without sacrificing quality or safety standards.


Pack Contains

- ORI Lab Curl Cleanse 300ml

- ORI Lab Curl Condition 300ml

- ORI Lab Curl Crème 150ml



- Provides silicone-free cleansing and conditioning

- Hugs curl shape, enhances elasticity, bounce and movement

-  Smoothes curls to prevent detangling friction

-  Protects curls from temperature extremes and hydration

- Aligned with global curl care methods and principles