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With the ORI Lab Curl Trio, you can instantly enhance your curl shape without the worry of harmful ingredients. Our natural and silicone-free formula helps keep your curls in check while our Beauty Boosters of Flannel Flower, Rice Protein & Wild Rosella saturate hair strands and add definition for that perfect curl look. Plus, it's designed to provide nourishment, protection and hydration to curly tresses all day long!

Achieve salon-quality curls right at home with our fast-absorbing formulas that are lightweight yet powerful enough to restore lost nutrients as they fight against heat damage, split ends and dryness - ultimately giving your curls all the TLC they need!

Pack Contains 
- ORI LAB By NAK Curl Cleanse 300ml
- ORI LAB By NAK Curl Condition 300ml
- ORI LAB by NAK Curl Crème 150ml

 -Gives you the best possible curl care, by using natural ingredients and methods
-Keeps your curls bouncy, healthy and frizz-free all day long
-Prevents damage from heat styling and other environmental factors
-Totally silicone-free, so it's good for your hair